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Custom-made production of plastics

We can deliver plastic components or products that are exactly according to your needs. We process plastic for the car industry, cosmetic, electrotechnical and food industry and others. We can make small or large series.

DEMAND of services

Injecting of plastic: according to customers needs and for good prices

What do you win when you choose us?

  • Complex solvingwe can manage the plan, production of the form and the deliver to your place
  • Advantageous conditionswe are able to optimize the production, therewith the costs, that you can see at the final price
  • High-quality processingwe have long lasting experiences, and we work on hi-tech machines
  • Flexibilitywe are a small company so we can make a flexible reaction to your requirements

Since 2001


We managed a certification of quality in 2006.ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001


  • production, injecting and pressing the plastic
  • making forms for injecting the plastic
  • assembling the parts to sets
  • recycling
  • transport