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We process all sorts of plastic. Each sort has its features and it is suitable for something else. Our workers in technology evaluate the features of your final product and then they choose the best material.

Plastic and its features

You can find some basic information about sorts of materials and some examples of products that is possible to produce of them. It can help you to understand briefly, in the real case we must compare many other details.

Material Features Use
polystyrene It is antistatic, transparent and it is not harmful to health. Covers for food and cosmetic industry, cosmetics, decorations, technical parts
hardened polystyrene It has the same features as polystyrene, it is more tough Covers for food and cosmetic industry, technical parts
hardened plastic It is resistant, flexible and more fragile. Technical parts
polyamid, polyamid 6, polyamid pa6 It is heat-resistant, it can be transparent or non-transparent. Technical parts, consumer articles
polycarbonate It is not harmful to health, it can be transparent or non-transparent. Covers for food industry
polyethylene It is well-processable and it is well-recyclable. It can be re-used manytimes. Parts that are resistant to mechanical strain, material, e.g. HDPE
polymer It is well-processable and it keeps the form, it does not deform. Parts with the high form permanence, that are stabile to UV radiation, e.g. PS, ABS, PS-HI, ASA
elastomer It makes a soft surface – rubber. Usually it is combined with other sort of plastic. Handles and gaskets